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April 16th, 2007

06:36 pm - The Gathering 2007... (Formerly the Flag War)
The Flag war and general socializing will be on MAY 5th, 2007 at Wadsworth State Park. Rain date will be the next day (Sunday, May 06). If the entire weekend looks to be a washout, we will discuss moving it to MAY 19th.

We will start the various combats at noon. Bring your own weapons, please.

In the past we have asked people to bring two different colored T-shirts - red and blue for the prospective schools. Although we are not doing this as a primary Yale v Wes combat, I would like to urge people to bring those colors with them. This makes ID'ing the two teams easier. IF people have a strong objection to the colors, speak up (and have alternate suggestions, please).

Please also bring water! And BTW, unfortunately, the park is officially closed, so there is no toilet facilities at hand. There MAY be a Port-a-potty there, but that depends on how generous the State is feeling. Just keep this in mind (and perhaps some nice Wes people might be willing to let some people shuttle back to campus for bathroom breaks...)

After the fighting ends, we will do some sort of cookout and general hanging about. All are encouraged to bring suitable stuff, or about $5.00 a person if you aren't bringing stuff. Also, if you got em, bring BBQ tools. Also, please list what you might bring on the forum (or e-mail me and I will post it there if you are not registered.

Please spread the word among your friends, and prepare to have a fun day of fighting and socializing!

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August 11th, 2005

10:55 pm - Pictures: The Return
Just so Zach's pictures don't feel so lonely, here's another set of them from that same fateful night in late July '05 (read: "aught-five"), plus a couple unfortunately dark and somewhat blurry shots from last night's practice as a bonus.

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July 27th, 2005

11:41 pm
Here are some boffer pix. I'll hopefully have my camera at the next several fighter practices, so I will get more.

Boffer on a hot July night...

And, if anyone has some of the pix taken when I was fighting, could you send them to me?
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April 12th, 2005

02:10 pm
I just ordered teh ridiculous quantities of sword foam. Like, twenty units of one-sided and twenty units of two-sided. If'n anybody wants some foam, they say it'll ship in about 3 weeks (though I bet I won't see it for 6); I'll be more than willing to sell some of it to any interested parties. I'll quote you a price when I get the bill, but right now I can say it'll probably be on the order of $10 per unit. My fiberglass prices, as I quoted on the boffer list about a week ago, are as follows:
3/8" core:
- 58" piece, $4.00
- 38" piece, $2.50
1/2" core:
- 58" piece, $5.00
- 38" piece, $3.50
I'm also willing to sell you part of a rod, so long as I have a piece left afterward that is of some useful size; for example, if you just wanted a long sword's worth of 3/8" core, I'd still have a short sword left over out of a 58" piece; however, if you wanted a bastard sword out of that, you'd buy the whole 58" piece (of 1/2" core, in that case, presumably).

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September 24th, 2004

10:11 am
I have a boffer meat cleaver. Basically, 14" cored weapon with an axe blade. So simple to make, and yet so beautiful. Great for taking out aggression on people, because no matter how hard you hit them, it doesn't hurt. I may or may not take it to fighter practice next week, but it definitely be at Marilyna (as my character, Lazar, is a butcher). Pictures when I find a digital camera.

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July 28th, 2004

09:34 pm - The madness!
Long flails are obscene...Collapse )
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July 25th, 2004

10:34 pm
I have a full samurai daisho, plus a ronin no-dachi. I am pleased.
pic-nessCollapse )
All swords are exactly maximum length for their weapon class, i.e., no-dachi 52"/38"bl, katana 46"/36"bl, wakisashi 38"/29"bl, tanto 28"/19"bl

Next project: flails. Probably first a long flail with a grip like I have on the katana, one I could use with two hands but usually use with one. I think with a long flail the preferable strategy would be to hold the handle in my offhand, cross the actual flail part into my right, where I keep it spinning and basically throw it at an opponent, pulling it immediately (though not sharply) back to me. Not sure if that will be effective, I'm especially worried about that strategy defensively. But we'll see what comes of it.
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July 23rd, 2004

07:47 pm - My toys
Swords!Collapse )
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July 16th, 2004

11:12 pm
Huzzah for re-teaching myself how to sew. In making weapon socks today and attaching them, I completed my sabre (stabbing-tip plain sword) and my katana. These two swords will likely combine to form my favored weapon combo: sabre right, so the better aim of my on-hand makes full use of the stabbing tip, katana left, parrying position, taking full advantage of the lightness of a one-sided weapon to be an offensive threat in addition to negating many (most?) shots to my legs. I'll edit this and post pictures tomorrow.
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July 6th, 2004

04:34 pm - Current project(s)
Now that I've completed my no-dachi (single-side-safe, max-length bastard sword), my list of projects include the following:
-a stabbing-tip, single-sided plain sword
-a double-sided, Quest-Stock-esque long sword
-a full daisho (katana, wakizashi, tanto; single-sided long, plain, and short swords)
-perhaps a few more katars
-perhaps a dirk or two and/or a 0-point slashing-only dagger
-perhaps a great sword that I'm not even trained to use
-pet project: a bat'leth

Oh, by the way, whoever wants some of the widgets I use to make katars, and instructions on making them, I'll be bringing them back to Wesleyan in the Fall. We'll have a grand old time.
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